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Canola Exports to China

canolaNews broke on March 5, 2019 that China has officially cancelled the canola registration of one of the largest grain exporters in the country.  The move which came about with little warning has halted all bulk canola seed shipments from this particular corporation starting immediately. While it is unclear at this time what has sparked the move, some reports have pointed towards Chinese officials blaming the possible presence of foreign materials within the canola shipments heading for China. It is important to note that the Canadian Food Inspection Agency did not find evidence to corroborate this claim. As expected, however, speculation attributes the restriction to the recent tensions brought about by the Canadian Government’s detention of Meng Wanzhou (CFO of Chinese technology company Huawei Technologies Ltd.). So far only one Canadian agri-exporting company has been targeted, however, it seems likely that the stoppages will soon spread to other major exporters. In the meantime, industry insiders are left to wonder how the reduction in agricultural exports will affect the Canadian economy and what can be done to limit the impact on the Canadian trade industry going forward. While further information continues to come out daily, pressure will be on the Canadian federal government to work with the Chinese to try and resolve the issues going forward.