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CP Derailment – Update

CP RailNearly a week after the derailment, Transport Canada’s Transportation Safety Board (TSB) continues their ongoing investigation. Two TSB investigators remain at the site collecting further data/collecting interviews while two other TSB investigators conduct research at their Calgary office. As per the open investigation report the next steps include –


On site, we will continue to:

  • collect data from the accident site,
  • collect any available electronic data from the 3 locomotives,
  • conduct interviews,
  • examine and photograph the wreckage, and
  • identify components for further examination by the TSB Engineering Lab.

In addition, we will examine:

  • weather conditions and the railway’s winter operating plan,
  • train operations specific to the Field Hill,
  • operational policies for mountain grade train operations,
  • railway training specific to the reliability of air brakes in extreme cold temperatures
  • maintenance history of the rolling stock, and
  • regulatory requirements.


According to Canadian Pacific, the mainline running through Field, BC (site of the accident) has since been reopened as of 6 February and is complying with the TSB safety recommendations. In addition, the Minister of Transport has issued an order under the Railway Safety Act mandating the use of hand brakes for trains stopped on mountain grades. The order comes after the finding by the TSB that the CP train 301 did not have hand brakes engaged at the time of the incident.

While the incident certainly effected the rail schedule across Western Canada in the last week or so, it seems that congestion is beginning to ease as crews deal with the removal of damaged rail cars and equipment.