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Fibreco Enhancement Project

FIBRECOFibreco Terminals has ‘opened its doors’ to the grain industry for the first time ever. Traditionally a wood pellet/wood chip exporting terminal, Fibreco unveiled a proposal in late 2017 to add grain-handling operations to the facility. An agreement has been reached between the terminal and Canadian grain exporters AGT Food and Ingredients which will eventually see the implementation of a new ship loader. For now, the terminal is currently working on receiving certification from the Canadian Grain Commission for the new shore side scale that has been recently installed. Latest indication is that the terminal will welcome their first grain vessel in early April assuming the above certification proceeds as planned. According to the enhancement project website which can be found here: www.fibrecoterminalenhancement.com, key components of the proposal include –

  • Rail Yard– Switch adjustments and track extensions allowing the receiving and unloading of a 112 car unit train. This will also facilitate better movement to and through the rail car dumper. Addition of extra trackage to allow for more on-site rail car storage (112 cars). Current storage capacity is 90 cars.
  • Rail Car Dumper– Retrofit current dumper with new gravity hopper and construct a new railcar dumper building complete with dust mitigation, control and collection.
  • Conveying Systems– Install covered conveying systems, with inbound rates at 1,500 tonnes per hour and outbound rates at 2,000 tonnes per hour (includes outbound weighing).
  • Storage– Construct 48 – 3,400 tonne capacity silos and 8 – 1,000 tonne capacity silos (all gravity drain), with a capacity of 171,200 tonnes of storage.
  • Shiploader– Install new travelling shiploader to more efficiently load products, to accommodate Panamax vessels, and to minimize dust emissions.
  • Site Infrastructure– Upgrade electrical, water and storm systems.
  • Demolition– Removal of ‘woodchip only’ handling equipment (5 reclaims, 4 conveyors) wood retaining walls, roll over dumper and portions of the rail dumper buildings.

For the full project overview, please follow this link.