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G3 Terminal

G3TerminalConstruction of the latest terminal to join the Port of Vancouver’s group of grain exporters, G3 Terminal, is well underway (commenced March 7, 2017). According to the G3 Terminal Vancouver Community Update December 2018 the next steps involve the “installation of equipment and structures for the silos, scale and cleaning buildings and supports for the installation of various conveyors that will transport grain from unloading, weighing, cleaning, and storage to ship loading.” Situated on the North Shore of the Port of Vancouver between Neptune Bulk Terminals and Lynnterm Terminal, G3 Terminal is anticipated to handle the following products – wheat, soybeans, canola, peas, corn and specialty agri-products.

Based on the current progress, it is expected that the terminal will be ready to start receiving grain into her projected 180,000 mt storage by the end of 2019 with commission date not far behind in 2020. As of December 2018, approximately 95% of concrete work, and 60% of steel work has completed on the site. Some key characteristics from their website include (www.g3terminalvancouver.ca) –

  • A railcar receiving facility that can unload two rail cars simultaneously. This facility will include a rail track loop configuration that allows for the storage or holding of up to three trains; the maximum rail loop can support a train up to 2,680 metres (8,793 ft.) in length.
  • A conveyor system network that begins at the railcar receiving facility, traveling partially through an underpass, onto the terminal’s bulk scale and sampling systems, then on to the storage facility and cleaning house, and finally onto the ship loading facility to be placed on berthed vessels.
  • A grain storage facility consisting of up to forty-eight (48) concrete storage silos with an overhead conveyor system for distributing grain commodities. The storage facility is approximately 64.0 metres (210 ft.) tall, the silos being approximately 42.6 metres (140 ft.) tall and the remaining 21.3 metres (70 ft.) of height consisting of the overhead conveyor system and associated spouting and structures.
  • A grain cleaning facility 81 metres (264 ft.) tall that will clean and direct grain(s) to storage. The cleaning facility consists of conveying equipment, grain cleaning equipment, grain bins and by-products bins, a by-product load out system and other related systems.